About Mr.Robin Chugh Promoter and Non-Executive Director

Specialization: Finance, Administration & Leadership Mr. Rohin Chugh, the elder son of Mr. Shiv Dyal Chugh, is Promoter and Non-Executive Director of the Board of the Company since 31/07/2003. He has done his MBA with specialization in Finance. He is the Managing Director of PHF Hire Purchase Limited. He is having more than 15 years of experience in the promotions and management of NBFC’s. He has introduced the novel ideas and Strategy Plans for the Business, which is very advantageous for the growth of the Business of the Company and his experience also helped company to grow assuring all legal and statutory compliances. He also involved in the Management Decisions of the Company and he also implicates future growth Stratagem, Policies & Projections for the Business of the Company