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Don't let financial barriers hinder your education. Our student-friendly loan ensures you focus on learning, while we take care of the finances

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Features and Benefits

Access quality education stress-free with our education loan – offering competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and quick approvals

Minimal Documentation

Minimal Documentation

Education loans typically require minimal documentation, making the application process easier and more convenient for students

Customized Loans

Customized Loans

Customizable education loans cover individual students’ needs, including tuition, living expenses, and other educational costs

Quick Sanctions

Quick Sanctions

We provide fast loan approvals, helping students secure funds promptly, ideal for strict admission timelines



We maintain transparent loan processes, ensuring borrowers understand terms, rates, and repayments, empowering informed decisions



Education loans: low-risk, low-interest rates; ease financial burden, allow focus on studies, repayment starts after course completion

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Education loans offer tax benefits on interest paid during repayment, reducing the borrowing cost and enhancing their attractiveness


Loan Amount:
Your monthly EMI is

a quick and transparent process

We have a simple online

Check Eligibility

Check eligibility criteria before applying for a loan to ensure approval possibilities.

Calculate Your EMI

Estimate your monthly EMI effortlessly with our user-friendly loan calculator.

Check Required Documents

Ensure which necessary documents are required for loan application.

Fill Application Form

Accurately provide all required information in the loan application form for prompt processing.

Eligibility and Documents

Essential documents that need to be provided to complete the process successfully are listed below:

Admission letter

A formal letter of acceptance from the educational institution where you have been accepted to study

Loan application form

Our standard application form that includes personal information, contact details, educational, and financial details

Proof of residence

Documents like utility bills or rental agreement to establish your current address

Academic records

Transcripts and certificates of your previous educational qualifications

Proof of course cost

A breakdown of the tuition fees and other expenses related to your chosen course

Income Proof

To assess your repayment capacity, you may need to submit documents such as salary slips, tax returns, or bank statements

Bank statements

The last 6 months’ bank statements are required to assess your financial stability

Collateral documents

If the loan requires collateral, you’ll need to provide documents related to the property, land, or other assets being pledged


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